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Faculty and staff members may request an individual WordPress site for use in conjunction with their work or class.  Faculty and staff members may also request group sites. Group sites can be used for courses, research, conferences, and collaborative projects. To request a site, go to the Wesleyan.edu homepage, select Tools and login to your WespPortal, in the ITS Help bucket select Report an Issue to submit your request.  Once you agree to the usage policies for the Web 2.0 tools such as the blogs, your request will be submitted and you will be notified by an email when your site is ready to go.

To address the issues related to Web 2.0 tools the following amendment was made to the Computer Usage Policy:

Amendment: Web 2.0 Tools

General use of Web 2.0 tools including blogs and wikis is addressed by the Computer Usage Policy. The following amendment addresses issues related to these tools.

  • Faculty and staff members may request a blog or wiki for use in conjunction with their work. The requestor will be the owner of the blog and assumes responsibilities as defined by the computer usage policies. Student blogs and wikis will be supported at a later time.
  • Faculty and staff members may also request group blogs or wikis. Group blogs can be used in courses, research, department websites, and collaborative projects.
  • Faculty and staff members may request additional Wesleyan computer accounts for collaborators from other institutions for participation in Web 2.0 activities, and their use will be covered by the computer usage policies.
  • Anonymous postings to blogs and wikis are not permitted. Owners of blogs and wikis may not reconfigure the system to allow anonymous postings.
  • Comments are an integral part of Web 2.0. All comments will be run through a SPAM engine. An individual making a comment is required to provide a valid email address before entering comments. The blog owner is responsible to review each comment before posting it to the blog for others to see. The blog owner reserves the right not to publish individual comments. The blog owner may opt to require Wesleyan password authentication before comments can be submitted.
  • Blogs created by Wesleyan-provided software will be listed on a web page and be available for RSS syndication.
  • Wesleyan does not guarantee that it will provide ancillary software, such as databases and script languages, that authors may wish to use in their blogs or wikis.

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